Karin Leperi

Karin Leperi

Food & travel writer/photographer.

Aviation, culture, culinary, cruising, luxury, nature, National Parks and photography

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Blue cheese %c2%a92017 karin leperi article

French Cheeses We Love - French Food Lover - EuropeUpClose

French Cheeses We Love - French Food Lover - Europe...


What to Wear in Europe to not Look like a Tourist - Europe Up Close

What to Wear in Europe to not Look like a Tourist -...

Open uri20161231 5474 64dacy article

7 Turkish Delights: The Best of Western Turkey - Europe Up Close

The Turkish delights I offer range from mosques, former basilicas, and Greco-Roman ruins to natural wonders such as the fairy castles of Cappadocia....

Open uri20161231 5474 dqi6k3 article

Lyon, France: a City for the Senses - Europe Up Close

Lyon, France has been called “Cuisine Capital of the World,” Its past embraces a vibrancy reflecting 2,000 years of culture and gastronomy...

Open uri20161231 5474 nobqzx article

Pérouges: The Prettiest Medieval City in France - Europe Up Close

Perched high on a hill with the French Alps draped as a fairy tale backdrop, the medieval village of Pérouges is a perfectly preserved gothic treasure....

Open uri20161231 5474 12xqewi article

Our Europe Up Close Writing Team - Europe Up Close

Karin Leperi is a multi award-winning travel writer and photographer based in the land of terra cotta soils and turquoise skies – Albuquerque, New Mexico....

Open uri20161231 5474 1l4asn2 article

Wild Westfjords: Iceland at the Edge of the Arctic Circle

Iceland's Westfjords is the oldest and wildest part of Iceland, forged over 16 million years ago of molten lava....

Open uri20161231 5474 1c4g3fj article

A Sobering Tribute in Normandy - EuropeUpClose

I came to Normandy as part of an excursion. It was a day of respect, remembrances, and deep reflection on the hallowed grounds in Normandy....